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The GFSI Global Markets Awards 2020 will recognise five companies from across the globe, that have leveraged GFSI’s Global Markets Programme in an exemplary way on their journey towards a world-class food safety system. The awards include travel and attendance for the GFSI Conference 2020 in Seattle, U.S.A. and Discovery Tours. GFSI is pleased to partner once again with greenfence, who is generously sponsoring these significant awards for the fourth consecutive year.

What is the Global Markets Programme?
The Global Markets Programme, building a pathway to certification, was created eight years ago providing an unaccredited entry point for companies with a step-by-step programme designed to build capacity within production and manufacturing operations, setting out how companies with less sophisticated food safety management systems can meet the challenge of food safety, while simultaneously reducing hazards in global food supply chains and improving market access through certification to one of the GFSI-recognised certification programme owners. The programme toolkit is based on a checklist of GFSI requirements, a training and competency framework and a protocol to guide the user in the use of the programme. Toolkits are available for primary production and manufacturing scopes in several languages in open source access on mygfsi website.  In addition to GFSI’s role as a recognised leader in the benchmarking of global food safety standards, the development of the Global Markets Programme has been hailed by GFSI Stakeholders as one of its premier achievements. Since its initial launch, the Global Markets Programme has been adopted by companies around the globe as an entry level food safety solution for small, developing companies in local markets.

GFSI’s Global Markets Programme functions through a series of phases and tools. The programme is based on key requirements extracted from the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements and is primarily based upon the Codex General Principles of Food Hygiene Code of Practice. It is designed as a non-certifying assessment process that is carried out within a defined period. The Basic level includes 35% of GFSI Benchmarking Requirements key elements, while the Intermediate level integrates 65%. Assessments carried out against these levels are unaccredited as the Programme is not a food safety certification programme. The final step of the approach is an accredited certification against one of the GFSI-recognised certification programmes.

Safe Food for Consumers Everywhere by Rewarding Food and Beverage Companies from Around the World
GFSI brings together key actors of the food industry to collaboratively drive continuous improvement in food safety management systems around the world to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide. With a vision of safe food for consumers everywhere, food industry leaders created GFSI in 2000 to find collaborative solutions to collective concerns, notably to reduce food safety risks, audit duplication and costs while building trust throughout the supply chain, develop competencies and capacity building in food safety to create consistent and effective global food systems and provide a unique international stakeholder platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange and networking.

As such, the Global Markets Awards intend to highlight the food safety journey of companies from all over the world who have used the Global Markets Programme to create an enabling environment for food safety in their organisations, farms or facilities. That is why GFSI has specifically created this award to apply to four defined regions: 1) Africa, 2) Asia, 3) Latin America, 4) the USA and 5) the rest of the world. The fifth award is an honourary title for the host country of the GFSI Conference, which will be taking place in Seattle, U.S., in February 2020.

Demonstrating the Food Safety Journey, Enabled by the Global Markets Programme
Applicants for the Global Markets Awards should provide a description of their food safety journey with the Global Markets Programme, as well as the progress made in improving food safety along the way. The Awards Selection Committee will focus on the size of the steps that the company has made and the efforts fuelling those steps. They will be looking at how each company has leveraged the programme to create an enabling environment for safer food.

Seven Criteria to Judge the Food Safety Journey
The Global Markets Awards have seven criteria, five eligibility criteria and two additional criteria. With time, the Global Markets Programme has become not only a capacity building programme but also a programme for small companies to build robust food safety management systems. The Global Markets Awards 2020 intend to reflect the diversity of the Global Markets Programme around the world today from Africa to Asia to the Americas and Europe.
The mandatory eligibility criteria (for the full eligibility criteria description, please see the dedicated table below) specify that a company:

  • Is a food and/or beverage company
  • Has an annual revenue under $50,000,000 USD (the official turnover of an SME, according to the European Union Commission)
  • Is on a food safety journey with noticeable developments
  • Has a Food Safety Management System and implementation evidence of this FSMS
  • Has a third-party conformity assessment
The additional criteria are not mandatory and any applicant can be eligible to participate with no additional criteria submitted. Eligibility criteria account for 100 points of the total possible scoring and the additional criteria account for 20 additional points of possible scoring.
Previous recipients of the Global Markets Award will not be eligible.

Awards Process
The awards campaign will take place from 6th May 2019 to 16th September  2019 6.00pm CEST.

To apply for an award, please sign up on this platform, fill out all the forms and download all required supporting documents  to complete your application. You will receive an email validating the submission of your application. Results of the awards will be announced in December 2019 via email.

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