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General Conditions


The deadline for awards applications is Monday 16 September 2019, 6.00pm CEST. Notification of the Selection Committee’s decisions will be communicated to winners at the end of December 2019, and award recipients will be formally recognised at the Global Markets Awards ceremony at the Global Food Safety Conference in Seattle, U.S.A. from 25-28 February 2020.

All applications for the GFSI Global Markets Awards 2020 must be submitted electronically at

Emailed or mailed copies sent to the GFSI Headquarters will not be accepted. Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid oversights. Any inquiries about the awards should be addressed to Mia Masson, GFSI Coordinator, via email at


The greenfence sponsorship of the GFSI Global Markets Awards 2020 will provide travel, meals and accommodation funding and attendance for the Global Food Safety Conference for one representative of each of the regional winners. The conference will take place in Seattle, U.S.A. from 25-28 February 2020.

Attendance at GFSI’s Global Food Safety Conference will provide acknowledgment and networking opportunities for the awards recipients at this unique annual event which brings together over 1,200 leading food safety specialists from more than 50 countries to advance food safety globally.


The mandatory eligibility criteria (for the full eligibility criteria description, please see the dedicated table below) specify that a company:

  • Is a food and/or beverage company
  • Has an annual revenue under $50,000 USD
  • Is on a food safety journey with noticeable developments
  • Has an Food Safety Management System and implementation evidence of this FSMS
  • Has a third-party conformity assessment
  • Has evidence of the company's journey through the GFSI Global Markets Programme toolkit

The additional criteria are not mandatory and any applicant can be eligible to participate with no additional criteria submitted. Eligibility criteria account for 100 points of the total possible scoring and the additional criteria account for 20 additional points of possible scoring.

Previous recipients of the Global Markets Award will not be eligible.


After having filled in and submitted a completed nomination form on the dedicated website, please download the following in the nomination package:

  • A statement that the company is a Manufacturer or Primary Producer in the Food and Beverage Industry
  • An executive summary (700-1,000 words) illustrating the company’s food safety, to be signed by the company management
  • Letters of support (maximum two) including an endorsement from a Retailer, Manufacturer, or Food Service company or client
  • Evidence of use of the Global Markets Programme:
    • A Self-assessment report from the Global Markets Programme of Basic or Intermediate level
    • The description of how developing and implementing a FSMS including description of a recall management (if a recall happened) and at least one evidence of the company’s food safety management system in practice
    • One third-party assessment report confirming conformity with the Global Markets Programme Basic or Intermediate level (assessment to look at conformity of the assessment)
Download the detailed criteria table.


  • GFSI does not allow customer or peer nominations, only self-nominations are allowed
  • An executive summary (700-1000 words), written by the winner and illustrating the journey of the company to full certification (if applicable), will be published on the GFSI website ( and in GFSI communication and marketing materials.
  • If required, recipients will secure passport and visa for travel. Proof of a visa appointment will be sent to GFSI team before 20 December 2019.
  • Once winning companies have been informed of their success via email, they have precisely 2 weeks to accept the prize, decide on a representative and send all of the representative's travel documents and (if need be) visa documents to the GFSI team and travel agency. It is the winner's responsibility to know which documents are needed for a visa to the country they will be traveling to.
  • Fees for passports and visas are reimbursable. A letter of support can be provided from the Consumer Goods Forum upon request to apply for a passport/visa.
  • Attendance during all preparation calls leading up the Conference is mandatory.
  • The recipients will plan to arrive and be rested for attendance at Day One of the GFSI conference on 24 February 2020.
  • The travel award is not transferable to another person once the representative has been identified by the winning company. Where possible, the representative to travel should be able to speak English and should be the person holding the highest position in the food safety or quality assurance team in the company.
  • Detailed instructions will be provided prior to travel regarding reimbursement for airfare, transfers and meals.
  • Fees for rental cars for travel during GFSC 2020 will not be reimbursed.
  • Recipients may be asked at the time of check-in to provide cash or an active credit card to be placed on hold for any incidentals charged to the room.
  • Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in the revocation of the award

Consumer Goods Forum Responsibilities:
  • GFSC registration will be paid directly by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) for the recipients.
  • Hotel reservation (for single occupancy) will be made and paid directly by The CGF.
  • The reservation will be made in the recipient’s name for arrival on Sunday 23 February 2020 (Saturday, 22 February, for those traveling from North and South America, Asia and Africa.), with departure on Thursday, 27 February 2020.
  • The CGF will arrange all meals for the recipients.
  • The CGF will arrange travel on-site in Nice.
Recipients may be asked at the time of check-in to provide cash or an active credit card to be placed on hold for any incidentals charged to the room.